Health safety protocol of Camping La Vallée des Vignes

Health safety protocol

We will welcome you in the safest way possible using our large open spaces. We are doing everything we can to help our guests spend a pleasant holiday without having to worry so that they can go back home relaxed with great memories in mind.

You will find individual and independent accommodation options, generously spaced from each other, in a wilderness setting.

You will enjoy an alfresco stay. Our living areas are spacious and open.

Space and nature. Families can enjoy their stay with plenty of space, several hundreds of m² per pitch on average, where social distancing guidelines are easy to follow. Access to our campsite is made through individual means of transport, which is a safer option during this period.

You will find below the entire health safety protocol established with the help of the FNHPA (Fédération nationale de l’hotellerie de plein air) and the French Public Health Council. Everything is established so that you can enjoy your holiday without any stress and while respecting health regulations without needing to compromise on comfort.

This health safety protocol must be respected and followed, along with our rules of procedure.

Our COVID-19 referent on the Vallée des Vignes Campsite is : Nathalie SANNA. You can contact her at +33 2 41 59 86 35.

Comprehensive measures applied to our campsite :

Following the government and the FNHPA’s guidelines, we encourage you to download the Tous AntiCovidapp and activate it when entering our campsite.

Please use hand sanitiser before going to a communal area, or when using shared equipment.

Please respect social distancing guidelines.

Cough or sneeze into your elbow and use a disposable tissue.

Please stay at least one meter away from people if you are wearing a facemask, and 2m if not wearing a facemask. These rules apply everywhere in our campsite.

Wearing a facemask is mandatory in our communal areas (reception, grocery shop, bar and restaurant). It is also highly recommended in sanitary facilities.

If you believe you caught COVID-19 during your stay in our campsite, please let us know in order for us to do everything we can to stop the spread of the virus.


Before entering reception, we kindly ask you to:

  • Use the hand sanitiser supplied at the entrance to reception
  • Only one person per household will be allowed in at any one time to ease crowding.
  • Only one person per household will be allowed in at any one time to ease crowding. We kindly ask any additional guests to stay outside
    while maintaining social distancing guidelines.
  • Please prioritise paying by card with the contactless option where possible.
  • We will send you a receipt by mail.

Sanitary facilities

We have increased our cleaning frequency while adjusting our cleaning and disinfecting procedures to ensure the maximum level of hygiene we can;

Do not stand in the sanitary facilities’ corridors: please stay outside and follow the social distancing guidelines – stay 1m away from people if wearing a facemask, 2m if not wearing one.

Before going in any of the sanitary facilities, for everyone’s safety, please do not forget to wash your hands with soap or/and use hand sanitiser.

Only one person at a time will have access to sanitary equipment: Toilets, showers, sinks…

Please, always respect the social distancing guidelines.

Your accommodation :

We have increased all aspects of our cleaning routine for all rentals.

Any contact points (desks, plugs, taps, door handles, tables, chairs, household appliances, cloths, bedding ect…) are cleaned and disinfected with eco-friendly products and cleaning methods.

We prioritise the cleaning and turnaround of accommodations between staying guests according to our campsite’s occupancy. We always leave an accommodation empty for at least 6 hours after the previous lodgers’ departure.

When leaving, we kindly ask you to leave the windows open for better air circulation and ventilation and to lock the door before giving us the keys.

We always disinfect the keys before giving them to a guest and after having it back.

If you have used the laundry in the accommodation, we also kindly ask you to put it in the bags provided.

Our restaurant

Our terrace will be the main area used to welcome our guests as it makes it easier for us to follow the social distancing guidelines.

You will also be able to order a takeaway to enjoy our dishes in the comfort of your own home.

Wearing a face mask will be mandatory when walking around the bar-restaurant area.

No more than 6 people will be allowed per table.


We kindly ask you to before entering the swimming-pool.

  • Disinfect your hands prior to entering the swimming pool
  • Respect social distancing guidelines

We have increased our cleaning and disinfecting frequency of all equipment and surfaces in the swimming pool.

We have had to reduce the number of deck chairs and armchairs due to COVID-19.

We kindly ask you to follow the social distancing guidelines at any time both in and out of the swimming pool – please do not move the armchairs and deck chairs and leave at least one armchairs space in between each guest.

Please do not move the armchairs and deck chairs

Leave at least one armchairs space in between each guest.

Should you wish to disinfect the deck chair, we will provide you with disinfectant.

We kindly ask you to put on your towel before settling on the sun lounger or the chair.

If the attendance turns out to be high, we would ask you to wait to go swimming or perhaps to stay less long in the water or on the beaches, so that everyone can enjoy it. We have a capacity of 120 people in the swimming pool area.

Our establishment is committed to respecting the health instructions

Our campsite is committed to follow government mandated social distancing guidelines for your security.

La Vallée Des Vignes campsite

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