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Clocher tors In the heart of the beautiful region of Anjou in France, lie unique and enigmatic architectural treasures: the Twisted Steeples. These fascinating structures, proudly standing in the landscape, captivate visitors from around the world. The Twisted Steeples bear witness to the history of Anjou, silently telling tales through their twisted and peculiar appearance. The precise reasons for their torsion remain a mystery, fueling discussions and hypotheses among historians and architecture enthusiasts. These steeples, once symbols of power and faith, have witnessed the passing of centuries and countless historical events. Their presence showcases the ingenuity of the craftsmen who erected them, pushing the technical boundaries of their time to create structures that are both imposing and enigmatic. The Twisted Steeples in Anjou showcase architectural diversity. Some display a subtle twist, barely noticeable, while others exhibit more pronounced and daring torsions. Each steeple tells a unique story, reflecting the style of the era and the peculiarities of the municipality where it stands. Visiting the Twisted Steeples in Anjou offers architecture enthusiasts a captivating experience. As you explore the villages and towns of the region, you will be mesmerized by these stone wonders that defy gravity. Their presence imparts a unique ambiance to each landscape, creating an atmosphere steeped in mystery and wonder.

Clocher tors

Cloché Tors de Fontaine-Guerin.

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